interviewer: so tell us a little bit about yourself

me: *slides them this picture*


Hahah man we forgot how weird the mental hospital episodes of House MD are. like simultaneous moments of weirdo ableism on the part of the show writers and them calling out the structural ableism in psychiatry

- Ace & Thomas

If you wanna self-diagnose you are a sick bastard who needs help because you’re a mockery to the real mentally ill.”

i need a label for this type of thinking, cause whoa that’s a lot of layers of ableism there. something along the lines of “no you can’t self-diagnose as sick; instead, i’ll diagnose you as sick”

- Ace

new silly reason for me to doubt my being autistic: “but I wasn’t bullied???”

- Ace

This is an idea I keep having lately. I even thought about, like, writing an essay or something about it but I keep worrying that I’ll word stuff wrongly. But, like:

From the way I see things, studies demonstrating DID as a valid and real diagnostic category aren’t the same as studies demonstrating that multiplicity is a valid and real subjective experience. The former can confidently distinguish between populations with and without DID, and even demonstrate physiological differences between ego-states, but they do not prove that there are different people in a multiple system, or even that the system isn’t ~just making up~ certain parts of their experiences, like headspaces and histories.

After all, even in DID research, the term “personality” is loaded — some use it to mean individual alters, while some attest that nobody really has multiple personalities; it’s a single personality dissociating. If the research proved multiple personhood, that wouldn’t be as big of a thing.

I mean, it’s a philosophical question, “what is a person” and all that. Cognitive neuroscience can be convincing, but isn’t the end-all be-all: It just shows different areas of the brain activating differently, and if some researchers look at it and say “multiplicity” and others say that’s the power of that single person dissociating, that’s just a matter of interpretation. Besides, I don’t think there’s even any research that’s been done on certain subjective aspects of multiplicity, like why some of us remember pasts that never happened, or what is the deal with headspaces.

Does that even make sense?

- Thomas

Anti-kin person:Otherkin do X! See, proof! *links to a troll blog*
Otherkin:Uh actually that's a troll.
Anti-kin person:Well it's not my fault it's hard to tell the difference!!

Aaaand that brings the total times on reddit up to 8. :V

A post more than a year old, too. Where did you even come across that?

- Thomas



Is there, like, a good “how to shop for groceries while neuroatypical” guide somewhere??

- Ace & Thomas

yee! i will have to look through my computer bookmarks for the how-to-stock-your-kitchen guides for ppl w disabilities i’ve found

meanwhile! i suggest:

- what do you consistently use up? for me this is bread, edamame, veggie steambags, yogurt, bananas. rice takes a while.

- what do you consistently let go bad before eating it? don’t buy that anymore! unless you’re gonna eat it right away! i stick heavily to things that’ll last a month after purchase (eggs are ok, milk is not)

- establish a store routine! i walk through every aisle from the right side of the store to the left, bc if i don’t SEE a thing, i’ll probably forget that thing, even if it’s on my list. (contrarily, sometime my routine means i miss things altogether, like the fruit section little shelves under the produce…)

- i do suggest gathering everything first, THEN calculating what to put back / can’t afford / etc. much easier to sort out for me.

- also make a point of a stock-the-kitchen with lesser-used but annoying-to-not-have ingredients (which don’t go bad!) like spices, cinnamon, sugar, flour, salt, olive oil, pepper, vegetable oil.

- and keep a nice stock of canned veggies bc fresh is hard! canned potatoes with curry blocks and carrot sticks and rice is my faaavvv.

yahhh. fuck groceries

Yes good all good ideas. o: I think we used to have a store routine that’s now disrupted because, y’know, moving, so that’s just making these problems all the more salient.

Canned veggies, though! Yes!!

- Thomas

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Maybe finding some recipes you’d like to make that week, in advance, and then writing a list of the ingredients you’d need to make those things? Focus on stuff you can make in bigger batches, like soups, casseroles and pastas?

We’ve been doing the recipe thing a fair bit, but that still seems to leave us walking out of the grocery store with just two or three days’ meals. Leftovers is a good idea, though, although I worry that those’ll just be more things to rot in our fridge — but we have a nice small fridge now with see-through shelves, so hopefully that’ll be less of a problem these days?

- Thomas